We have broad array of experiences in the general corporate matters, and we can offer many services in this field, including corporation registration, consulting on the procedure of shareholders' meeting and board of directors' meeting, drafting minutes and resolutions of shareholders' meeting and board of directors' meeting, consulting on the director's liability issue, drafting or reviewing of the article of incorporation and corporate bylaws, consulting on the corporate governance issue, drafting documents relating to and advising on the stock issuance, stock combination or stock split, consulting on the corporate dissolution and its registration. CC Law accumulates lots of valuable know-hows from his working experience as a corporate legal counsel, so we will not just copy template to make documents for our client as other firms usually do. We can tailor-made documents to meet client's need in each case.
CC Law is a professional firm on the contract matters. We have ever been involved in more than thousands of various contracts, and among them he specializes in Sales Contract, Service Contract, Sales Representative/ Distribution Contract, Development Contract, OEM/ODM Contract, License Contract and NDA. All those contracts can be drafted in Chinese or English, and we also offer contract's and other legal documents' translation service. In addition to review of contract, we can provide our clients with Know-How about business models accumulated from our past experience, and we can represent our client to conduct business negotiations.
Our attorneys are experts at Taiwan and US Securities Laws. We can provide our client with due diligence, drafting legal documents (such as, board and shareholder meeting's resolution, memorandum of incorporation and its amendment, and filing documents) and rendering legal opinions regarding IPOs, private placement, derivatives, general stock issuance matters. In addition, we can coordinate with law firms in BVI or Cayman Island to help our client design its offshore corporate investment structure.
In addition to general civil or criminal litigation, CC Law specializes in various complex litigations, including without limitation to intellectual property rights litigation, shareholder derivative suit, wills dispute, tax litigation, anti-takeover defense, real estate litigation and large business dispute. Complex litigations always involve complex legal issues and therefore outstanding ability of legal analysis is required to handle them. Our attorneys' analysis ability is superb, which makes CC Law the best choice for the representation of complex litigation.
We expect ourselves to be the windows to Taiwan. We specialize in filings for the foreign direct investment(FDI) and Taiwan's capital investing in China, and for the latter part we can offer our clients a total package of legal service regarding their out-bound investment structure with the assistance of our affiliated firms in the Cayman Island, China and USA. For the industry, we have abundant experiences in medical device, telecommunication, TV and broadcasting, IT, construction industries with respect to the filings, administrative processes, regulations and administrative appeal, and we can professionally help our clients complete the filings.
CC Law's attorneys are definitely among the best IP experts in Taiwan. First of all, we can offer common service like patent and trademark prosecution. More than that, intellectual property dispute is our core expertise. We often represent clients for infringement suit, administrative suit regarding patent invalidation and patent revocation. And we truly understand how to structure a best IP deal because our attorney has dealt with several hundreds of cases of this kind. Third, we can render service like IP due diligence in a large scale transaction. Finally, we can give our client advice about the target/business model/terms of the IP sales/procurement/licensing transactions based on James' business connections.
As part of the investment consulting service, we can act as our client's consultant about Taiwan labor laws. We are skilled at drafting and reviewing various employment documents, such as employment agreement, employee non-disclosure agreement, employee intellectual property agreement (work for hire), employee incentive agreement. We also can consult our clients about the directors' compensation matters for the corporate governance purpose.
CC Law specializes in entertainment law. We have lots of experiences in consulting movies, music or other entertainment enterprises. Our expertise includes rendering legal risk management and intellectual property planning, and representing actor/actress, creator, or athlete for contract negotiation.
Trademark and patent prosecution
Filings for the government's approval for investment in China
Corporate IPO filings
Incorporation filings
Real Estate transaction filings
Contract drafting, review and translation
Representation client on transaction negotiation
Rendering opinions on the deal or business model
Civil or criminal litigation
Debt collection
Tax litigation
Wills dispute
Intellectual property administrative appeal
Intellectual property Infringement suit
Labor dispute
Attorney's letter
Corporate chop's custody
Draft, review and render opinions on Board's meeting minutes and shareholders' meeting minutes
Draft, review and render opinions on corporate bylaws
Legal documents for human resources
Consulting about the compensation of corporate director/supervisor