Rendering the efficient and integral service by the corporate process and management skills.

James observed that Taiwan's local legal service providers are generally poor in quality as well as profession during his past decade's practice. The motive for his establishing Ching Cheng Attorneys at Law is, therefore, simple: bringing international level's legal service into Taiwan.

We believe that there are four requirements for an outstanding lawyer: efficiency, communication, devotion and integration. An outstanding lawyer must be able to render valuable service within limited time and have a communication ability, i.e. communication based on cross-sectors and cross-borders ability. And more importantly, a good lawyer must fully devote to his case and have trustworthy character. The final requirement is the ability to integrate. In this globalization business environment, a lawyer cannot only focus on local laws but has to think and plan his case from the global aspect. And he/she must have ability to integrate various resources, such as business and technology. Ching Cheng Attorneys at Law is committed to providing our clients with service that meets said four requirements.

Legal service is a profession. Underlying the eloquence is the complicated technical issues, and research ability is key to be a successful lawyer. In the past, few law firms in Taiwan were willing to develop and research those technical issues and to create new ways to resolve the legal problems, not to mention to explain those technical backgrounds to their clients. The result was that the clients even did not know what legal service exactly he got and the clients could not use legal opinions to conduct meaningful balancing analysis and make known decision. Ching Cheng Attorneys at Law will introduce to our clients the legal techniques and case management skills most recently developed in the US. And in Ching Cheng Attorneys at Law we will treat our clients in the way similar to that Dr. treats his/her patients.Ching Cheng Attorneys at Law's goal is to improve the quality of legal service in Taiwan and provide the clients with the valuable service that really matters.